Spec. Dr. Hamide Füsun SAĞLAM

Spec. Dr. Hamide Füsun SAĞLAM

Fiziksel Tıp ve Rehabilitasyon Uzmanı

Professional Career

1990-1992: Sinop BayabatState Hospital Emergency Policlinic

1992-1997: K.T.Ü.Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (Specialization)

1997-2004 Numune Training and Research Hospital

2004-2007: Yavuz Selim Osteopathic and rehabilitation Hospital

1967 born in Erzurum. Originally from Gümüşhane. First, middle, and high school education was completed in Erzurum.He got into Trabzon Faculty of Medicine in 1984 and graduated in 1990.

served 1.5 years compulsory at Sinop Boyabat State Hospital Emergency Polyclinics.In 1992, he got into the physiology department of Trabzon Medical Faculty.He worked for 1 year specialized examination and won the same university's Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation specialty exam.

He completed his specialty in 1997 and was appointed as an FTR specialist to Trabzon Nümune Hospital.

Between 1997 and 2004, he worked at Numune Hospital.Nümune Hospital FTR Clinic was closed in 2004 and transferred to Yavuz Selim Bone Diseases and Rehabilitation Hospital.

He worked at Yavuz Selim Bone Diseases and Rehabilitation Hospital between 2004-2007.

He has been a member of Turkish Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Association and Osteoporosis Association since 1997.

He resigned from the civil service in July 2007 and continues his work in Private Imperial Hospital.

She is married to Dr. Ekrem Sağlam who is working in our hospital and she is a mother of 2 children.

Reading books, skiing and traveling are among her hobbies.

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